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Home Broadband

SaltSync internet is simply unlimited data and straightforward pricing,that means no annual contracts,no promotional rates,no peak-off peak and no data limit.It’s simply stable internet with unlimited data so you and your family can use the internet as it is desired,it’s the internet you deserve.

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Looking for how to get Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi is not a different service from your internet service provider, but you need to buy a good Wi-Fi router when you take internet service. SaltSync provide smooth and stable internet service and you need a smooth Wi-Fi router and ultimate satisfaction.

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SME Internet

We can deliver the better internet experience at affordable price to medium size business in Khulna who need to use the quality broadband internet. Symmetrical speeds with options from 100Mbps – 500Mbps.100% fiber internet connection.24 hours call center make you feel awesome.

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Corporate Internet

SaltSync Corporate Internet Access provides you with a high performance and highly reliable outstanding service specifically designed for corporate customers.So,we deliver powerful solutions to help your business make the most of whatever the day has in store.

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Camera Solutions

We provide surveillance camera solutions for office, industry and home. We provide installation and after support for our clients. Surveillance system is essential for your home and office security.

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Gaming Support

We provide various support for online gamers and steamers. We provide optimized routing on demand of user and his game. Gamers are just love our stability and smooth routing. Streaming of is just awesome on us.

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SaltSync Offer

More Great Reasons to Choose SaltSync

The speed of data, as it travels from the Internet to your computer, is measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Different activities require different speeds.

  • 50% off on professional installation
  • 24/7 Hotline Support
  • HD youtube and facebook included
  • Speed good for 6-8 devices at the same time
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৳ 700.00

Up to

৳ 4000.00

Per Second
Cost a little get a best

25 Mbps + Public IP

  • Live TV
  • Internet
৳1750/mo ৳1500/mo
  • Line rental and Bahama Talk included
  • + one-off ৳1000 set-up fee
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